QEP / EPI Payments

Please use the buttons below to pay for your QEP and EPI Application:

Note – if you are using your company’s network, you may get an error due to security reasons. Please try again from your mobile or your home (or another) network.  We do not take payment over the phone. Alternatively, you can mail a check to:

Attn: QEP / EPI Payments
6005 W St. Joe Hwy Ste 300
Lansing, MI  USA  48917

QEP Fees

QEP Application Fee $150
QEP Exam Fee for those with an EPI designation $250
QEP Exam Fee for those without an EPI designation $500

EPI Fees

EPI Application Fee for Students $50
EPI Application Fee for Non-Students $75
EPI Examination Fee $250