CPEA / CPSA CPD Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 8/12/21

How do I reactivate my CPEA/CPSA credential if my certification is inactive?

You can reactivate your certification status by doing the following:

  • Paying any outstanding BGC fees (past and late fees if applicable).
  • Paying the BGC reactivation fee  (waived through 12/2022).
  • Paying the current annual fee ($150 ea for the CPSA and CPEA).
  • Documenting 2 to 6 hours of ethics training/coursework.
  • Documenting current knowledge by either:
    • Providing documentation of recertification (CPD) activities
    • Retaking your credentialing exams

We are matching the reactivation process to the recertification process, which is moving to a 5-year cycle, so the number of hours you need to reactivate by certification (CPD) hours depends on how soon you reactivate. The schedule is listed below.  The fees and requirements may be subject to change over time.

Date of Reactivation
Hours Required for Reactivation
Annual Fee
Reactivation Fee
BGC Fees
Present to December 31, 2022 20 hours $150 N/A N/A
January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2023 40 hours $150 $350 If applicable
January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2024 60 hours $150 $350 If applicable
January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2025 80 hours $150 $350 If applicable
January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2026 100 hours $150 $350 If applicable
January 1, 2027 and beyond Either 100 hours or the current 5-year recertification requirement $150 $350 If applicable

Where can I find the status of my credential?

You can always find your credential status on the Diplomates web page. If the listing isn’t correct, just email us at [email protected]

How do I prove to employers that I have a credential? 

There are three ways to show that you have an active BGC credential.  After you pay your 2021 annual fee, 1) we will send you an 8.5 x 11-inch (21.5 x 28 cm) BGC certificate showing your recertification cycle,  2) we will provide you with a link to an electronic badge that you can use for professional promotion through social media and email.,  or 3) you can direct them to the Diplomates web page.


BGC operates on a five-year cycle for certification maintenance. In the past, you had to report annually, however, you no longer need to do that. You will only complete an online Attestation Form once – at the end of your cycle.

All active holders of the CPEA and CPSA were randomly broken into groups and assigned an INITIAL CYCLE.  Some ended on 12/31/20 while others will end on 12/31/21 and so on through 2024.  After your INITIAL CYCLE, you will begin a regular, full, five-year cycle.  Currently, those, and only those, whose cycle ends on 12/31/21 must complete an Attestation Form for their shorter, INITIAL cycle.

Please see the table below for more information on requirements for your particular cycle.

All active certification holders were provided their INITIAL CYCLE end dates via email and via postal mail during the first week of December 2020. If you do not know your cycle end date, please contact us at [email protected].

Ethics hours count toward your minimum activity hours required for CPEA and CPSA recertification.
You must have a minimum of 2 hours of ethics per cycle and a maximum of 6 hours of ethics, which will count toward recertification.
More than 6 hours will not be counted. 

What activities count for meeting BGC’s recertification (CPD) requirements?

The activities that currently count toward recertification are not changing. That includes 2 hours of ethics coursework per recertification cycle.  Like before, you will still submit a signed attestation of your recertification activities at the end of your cycle (not annually) and, if your name is selected for an audit, we will ask you to provide proof of participation in the activities.  Only 5% of individuals are called for an audit.  To report your CPD requirements, go to GoBGC.org/cpea_cpsa_attestation.

What is BGC’s recertification (CPD) requirement for ethics? 

You must also have 2 to 6 hours of ethics coursework every recertification (CPD) cycle.  The coursework can be in-house training for your organization, an online course, or part of a course toward a degree, but you must be able to provide documentation of a minimum of two hours of ethics-specific training.  Please be aware that if your ethics training is longer than two hours, BGC will only count a maximum of 6 hours toward your recertification (CPD) requirement.  To report your CPD requirements, go to GoBGC.org/cpea_cpsa_attestation.

When do I report my recertification (CPD) requirements?

We have changed the frequency for reporting recertification (CPD) requirements from once a year to once every five years (after a shorter Initial Cycle). (Please refer to the table above.) If you already have/hold a CIH, QEP, or CPPS credential, we will align your recertification deadlines to allow you to recertify for both credentials using the same activities when appropriate.  To report your CPD requirements (only at the end of your cycle), go to GoBGC.org/cpea_cpsa_attestation.  If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

How many hours do I need to report for my recertification (CPD) requirements?

You are still required to earn 20 hours of CPD per year but are only required to report them at the end of your cycle. These are shared between those who hold both a CPEA and a CPSA (that is, you do not need to earn 20 hours for each certification). We will accept CPD hours earned during the five-year period preceding your cycle end date (e.g., if your cycle end date is 12/31/21, we will accept hours earned from 1/1/2017 to 12/31/21). Please see the table above for more information regarding your Initial Cycle end date and hours required before your next five-year cycle begins.

What are BGC’s requirements for ethical practice?

As BGC credential holders, CPEAs and CPSAs must follow the BGC Code of Ethics which began on 3/1/2021.  If you are ever subject to an ethics complaint, the case will be processed under BGC’s Ethics Case Procedure. You can find the Code of Ethics and Ethics Case Procedure on the BGC website at GoBGC.org/ethics.

How much is the fee to maintain my credential?

Fees are due on an annual basis by the start of each year.  (Your fee covering January 1 – December 31, 2020, was waived to welcome you to BGC.)  BGC’s annual fee is $150 PER CREDENTIAL (e.g., if you have both the CPEA and CPSA, your total annual fee is $300), which is usually billed in mid-September with a deadline of January 15th of the following year.  A $50 late fee per certification is levied for fees paid after January 15th.
You can pay your fee(s) online at GoBGC.org/cpea_cpsa_dues.

What do I do if I don’t like a decision about my certification?

BGC has a process for appealing a certification decision.  You can find the Certification Appeals Procedure on the BGC website at GoBGC.org/cpea_cpsa_documents.